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Revel in the beauty of multicultural living and explore the heart of Europe with The Multicultural. I'm Yolanda Reischer Bohanec, your guide on this extraordinary journey.

What is The Multicultural?

It's your exclusive pass to a world where cultures converge, stories come to life, and fresh perspectives await. Through my lens as a Mexican-Slovenian American in Vienna, Austria, you'll delve into the heart of Vienna and the broader Austrian landscape, exploring the diverse tapestry of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. We cover these topics from the contemporary, the modern, and the historical, offering a well-rounded view of these regions.

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What Can You Expect?

Dive into a cultural smorgasbord. Expect captivating stories about people, culinary adventures, global travels, and the challenges and joys of multicultural life in Vienna, Austria, and the countries touched by the Austro-Hungarian heritage.

What You'll Receive:

1. Weekly Editorial:

Every Sunday, you'll receive a stimulating editorial covering a specific topic that ties together and previews the following articles of the upcoming week. It's your gateway to a more in-depth understanding of our focus areas.

2. Throughout the Week:

As the week unfolds, you can look forward to receiving three further articles, each delving into a wide range of topics, including:

  • Living in Vienna: Gain insights into the everyday life of Vienna's residents.

  • Viennese Language: Uncover the linguistic nuances of Vienna.

  • Travel Tips & Regional Traditions: Plan your future adventures with travel tips to destinations in Austria and beyond. Discover the rich cultural traditions that shape the region.

  • Food, Recipes & Restaurants: Delight in culinary adventures with authentic recipes. Explore Vienna's dining scene and find hidden gems.

  • Nutrition: Learn about healthy living and nutrition from the heart of Vienna.

  • The ABCs of Life: Engage in imagined conversations on life topics and personal essays.

  • Poetry: Discover the beauty of language through poetic expression.

Why Join The Multicultural?

The Multicultural is your ticket to a world of exploration, whether you're near or far. It's an adventure that broadens your horizons and reshapes your worldview.

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Captivating Stories:

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Insider Tips:

Whether you're planning your next European adventure or simply dreaming of one, our newsletter equips you with invaluable tips and recommendations from seasoned travellers. Discover hidden gems, avoid tourist traps, and experience Europe like a local.

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Making Sense of Culture & Identity from Vienna, the Heart of Europe.


Yolanda is a Slovenian-Mexican American. Born in Guadalajara. Raised in California. Living in Austria. She is a storyteller in the guise of a writer, poet, photographer, digital marketing manager & creator, and an unabashed dreamer.